Fixed Staffing

Staffing in India for as low as $750 per month.

Looking to hire someone for long-term? When you started your business, you probably did not imagine that you would be spending time dealing with the administrative troubles of employee recruitment. You have a business to run - that's what you signed up for, not filing paperwork for every new employee that you hire. But these administrative and HR requirements are statutory and therefore unavoidable. Many business owners unfortunately find themselves spending way too much time grappling with these issues.


- Outsource your Administrative, Sales, or Marketing Tasks to us.

- Trained, Sales-ready Virtual Assistants

- From as low as $750 per month.


Many small and medium-sized businesses do not have the luxury of in-house departments to handle payroll and hiring. That's why most of these companies turn to offshoring companies that offer a wide range of services.

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